Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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List of Members

Members of the ASC: +49 (0)89 / 2180 - ....
Members at the MPI: +49 (0)89 / 32354 - ...


Surname, First name Title Position Room Phone Email
Andreev, Oleg Dr.  Research Fellow A433 4455 mail
Bachas, Costas Prof. Dr.  Humboldt Prize Winner A428 4378 mail
Bell, Dominik Master Student A427 4524 mail
Brunner, Ilka Prof. Dr.  Professor A436 4379 mail
Damgaard, David Ph.D. Student A431 4115 mail
Dierigl, Markus Dr.  Senior Researcher A432 4378 mail
Dietrich, Linus Master Student A431 4115 mail
Felsch, Gabor Master Student A431 4115
Ferro, Livia Prof. Dr.  Professor A434 4589 mail
Fragkos, Pantelis Ph.D. Student A437 4147 mail
Haack, Michael PD Dr.  Scientific Manager of the ASC A442 4377 mail
Helling, Robert Dr.  Manager of TMP Master Programme B339 4523 mail
Krippendorf, Sven Dr.  Senior Researcher A429 4368 mail
Kröpsch, Rene Master Student A427 4524 mail
Kürzinger, Monika Secretary A426 4373 mail
Kuznetsova, Arina Master Student A427 4524 mail
Lavdas, Ioannis Dr.  Research Fellow A430 4376 mail
Li, Talin Ph.D. Student A438 4375 mail
Lüst, Dieter Prof. Dr.  Spokesman of ASC A426 4372 mail
Marchetti, Luca Ph.D. Student A438 4375 mail
Mayr, Peter Prof. Dr.  Professor A424 4114 mail
Oriti, Daniele Dr.  Heisenberg Group Leader A440 4462 mail
Pang, Xiankai Ph.D. Student A438 4375 mail
Rüter-Stimpfle, Margarita ASC and TMP Secretary B338 4641 mail
Saberi, Ingmar Dr.  Senior Researcher A439 4644 mail
Schmidt, Felix Master Student A427 4524 mail
Schulz, Jonathan Ph.D. Student A437 4147 mail
Syväri, Marc Ph.D. Student A427 4524 mail
Tabler, Alexander Ph.D. Student A437 4147 mail
Wang, Yili Ph.D. Student A438 4375 mail
Zoupanos, George Prof. Dr.  Visiting Professor A428 4378 mail


Surname, First name Title Position Room Phone Email
Alvarez-Garcia, Rafael Master Student 248 464 mail
Bischof, Andreas Ph.D. Student 301 300 mail
Blumenhagen, Ralph PD Dr.  Senior Researcher 310 276 mail
Brinkmann, Max Ph.D. Student 248 464 mail
de Biasio, Davide Ph.D. Student 301 300 mail
Demulder, Saskia Dr.  Research Fellow 312 531 mail
Errasti Diez, Veronica Dr.  Research Fellow 336 427 mail
Freigang, Julian Ph.D. Student 346 273 mail
Gnecchi, Alessandra Dr.  Research Fellow 319 532 mail
Kneißl, Christian Master Student 248 464 mail
Lüben, Marvin Ph.D. Student 334 405 mail
Lüst, Dieter Prof. Dr.  Director 317 282 mail
Makridou, Andriana Ph.D. Student 337 251 mail
Markou, Chrysoula Dr.  Research Fellow 312 206 mail
Mazloumi, Pouria Ph.D. Student 337 251 mail
Mendez, Julio Dr.  Research Fellow 336 427 mail
Nian, Guoen Master Student mail
Palti, Eran Dr.  Research Fellow 319 532 mail
Raml, Thomas Master Student mail
Salgado Rebolledo, Sebastian Ph.D. Student 334 405 mail
Scalisi, Marco Dr.  Research Fellow 319 532 mail
Schlechter, Lorenz Ph.D. Student 346 273 mail
Stieberger, Stephan Dr.  Senior Researcher 323 310 mail
Sturm, Annette Secretary 307 482 mail
Traube, Matthias Ph.D. Student 346 273 mail

Former Members

Surname, First name Title Position Room Phone Email
Achmed-Zade, Ismail Ph.D. Student
Akerblom, Nikolas Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Alim, Murad Ph.D. Student
Ammon, Martin Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Andriot, David Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Araujo, Mario Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Arean, Daniel Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Averin, Artem Ph.D. Student
Bakas, Ioannis Prof. Dr.  Visiting Professor
Barisch, Susanne Ph.D. Student
Bart, Henk Ph.D. Student
Baumgartl, Marco Dr.  Research Fellow
Betz, Andre Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Betzler, Philip Ph.D. Student
Böhl, Patrick Master Student
Bollmann, Max Master Student
Bonetti, Federico Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Borodatchenkova, Natalia Ph.D. Student
Brehm, Enrico Ph.D. Student
Bu, Yan-Yan Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Bykov, Dmitri Dr.  Research Fellow
Cagnacci, Yago Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Cardoso, Gabriel PD Dr.  Scientific Manager of the ASC
Carqueville, Nils Dr.  Research Fellow
Catillo, Marco Dr.  Research Fellow
Caviezel, Claudio Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Collinucci, Andres Dr.  Research Fellow
Cordonier, Fabrizio Ph.D. Student
Corvilain, Pierre Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Curio, Gottfried Dr.  Senior Researcher
Deser, Andreas Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Diaz, Victor Ph.D. Student
du Bosque, Pascal Ph.D. Student
Erbin, Harold Dr.  Research Fellow
Erdmenger, Johanna PD Dr.  Senior Researcher (MPI)
Feng, Vic Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Fernandez, Daniel Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Filev, Veselin Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Florakis, Ioannis Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Flory, Mario Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Font, Anamaria Prof.  Visiting Professor
Freigang, Julian Ph.D. Student
Fuchs, Michael Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Gao, Xin Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Garcia Etxebarria, Inaki Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Goldammer, Monika Secretary
Gonzalez, Nicolás Ph.D. Student
Gording, Brage Ph.D. Student
Goulart, Prieslei Master Student (MPI)
Graß, Viviane Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Gray, James Dr.  Senior Researcher
Greiner, Sebastian Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Greubel, Constantin Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Grimm, Thomas Dr.  Research Group Leader (MPI)
Gringel, Oliver Master Student
Groot Nibbelink, Stefan Dr.  Senior Researcher
Halter, Sebastian Dr.  Research Fellow
Härtl, Daniel Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Haßler, Falk Ph.D. Student
Hecht, Michael Ph.D. Student
Held, Johannes Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Helmut, Roschy Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Herschmann, Daniela Dr.  Research Fellow
Herwerth, Benedikt Master Student (MPI)
Hohenegger, Stefan Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Höhne, Stefan Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Horstmeyer, Leonard Master Student
Isermann, Reinke Dr.  Research Fellow
Jaud, Daniel Ph.D. Student
Junghans, Daniel Dr.  Research Fellow
Jurke, Benjamin Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kallosh, Renata Prof. Dr.  Humboldt prize winner
Kaminski, Matthias Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kanning, Nils Dr.  Research Fellow
Kapfer, Andreas Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kay, Michael Ph.D. Student
Keitel, Jan Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kerner, Patrick Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Klaewer, Daniel Ph.D. Student
Klaus, Carsten Master Student
Knapp, Johanna Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Koerber, Paul Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Koller, Karl Prof. Dr.  Professor (retired)
Körs, Simon Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kounnas, Costas Prof. Dr.  Humboldt prize winner
Krause, Axel Dr.  Senior Researcher
Krefl, Daniel Ph.D. Student
Kupriyanov, Vladislav Dr.  Humboldt Fellow (MPI)
Kurz, Florian Master Student
Larfors, Magdalena Dr.  Research Fellow
Lin, Shu Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Loukas, Orestis Master Student
Lüst, Severin Master Student (MPI)
Malek, Emanuel Dr.  Research Fellow
Mamandur Kidambi, Abhiram Master Student (MPI)
Marinkovic, Marina Prof. Dr.  Professor
Martucci, Luca Dr.  Research Fellow
Massai, Stefano Dr.  Research Fellow
Mayer, Ingrid Master Student
Mayrhofer, Christoph Dr.  Research Fellow
Megias-Fernandez, Eugenio Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Mekareeya, Noppadol Research Fellow (MPI)
Mertens, Adrian Ph.D. Student
Meyer, Rene Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Monsalve Mercado, Mauro Miguel Master Student (MPI)
Montiel, Flavio Master Student
Moster, Sebastian Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Müller, Steffen Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Nampuri, Suresh Dr.  Research Fellow
Newrzella, Max-Niklas Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Ngo, Hai Thanh Ph.D. Student (MPI)
O'Bannon, Andy Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Orta, Andrea Ph.D. Student
Osten, David Ph.D. Student
Pajer, Enrico Ph.D. Student
Panea, Daniel Master Student
Pang, Da-Wei Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Papagoudis, Georgios Master Student
Parr, Erik Master Student
Patalong, Peter Dr.  Research Fellow
Plauschinn, Erik PD Dr.  Senior Researcher
Plencner, Daniel Ph.D. Student
Pugh, Thomas George Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Puhlfuerst, Georg Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Rahn, Thorsten Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Regalado, Diego Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Rennecke, Felix Dr.  Research Fellow
Richter, Benedikt Ph.D. Student
Rodriguez, Eduardo Dr.  Research Fellow
Rojo, Martin Master Student
Römelsberger, Christian Prof. Dr.  Professor
Rudolph, Felix Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Rughonauth, Nitin Master Student
Rust, Felix Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Savelli, Raffaele Research Fellow (MPI)
Schadow, Riko Master Student
Schlotterer, Oliver Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Schmid, Christian Master Student (MPI)
Schmidt, Torsten Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Schmidt-Colinet, Cornelius Dr.  Senior Researcher
Schmidt-May, Angnis Dr.  Research Group Leader
Schmidt-Sommerfeld, Maximilian Dr.  Research Fellow
Schulz, Benjamin Ph.D. Student
Sekiguchi, Yuta Master Student (MPI)
Shock, Jonathan Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Shukla, Pramod Research Fellow (MPI)
Sleight, Charlotte Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Soroush, Masoud Dr.  Research Fellow
Stefanov, Nicole Master Student
Steinfurt, Stephan Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Straub, Ann-Kathrin Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Strydom, Migael Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Sun, Rui Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Tsimpis, Dimitrios Dr.  Senior Researcher
Vall Camell, Valenti Ph.D. Student
Vaudrevange, Patrick Dr.  Research Fellow
Velanzuela, Irene Research Fellow (MPI)
Vogrin, Martin Master Student
Weissenbacher, Matthias Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Wijnholt, Martijn Dr.  Heisenberg Fellow
Witkowski, Piotr Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Wolf, Florian Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Xu, Zhang Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Yarom, Amos Dr.  Research Fellow
Zagermann, Marco Dr.  Research Group Leader (MPI)
Zeller, Hansjörg Ph.D. Student (MPI)