Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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List of Members

Members of the ASC: +49 (0)89 / 2180 - ....
Members at the MPI: +49 (0)89 / 32354 - ...

Former ASC Members

Surname, First name Title Position Room Phone Email
Achmed-Zade, Ismail Ph.D. Student
Alim, Murad Ph.D. Student
Averin, Artem Ph.D. Student
Bakas, Ioannis Prof. Dr.  Visiting Professor
Barisch, Susanne Ph.D. Student
Baumgartl, Marco Dr.  Research Fellow
Behrndt, Klaus Dr.  Heisenberg fellow
Bell, Dominik Master Student
Betzler, Philip Ph.D. Student
Böhl, Patrick Master Student
Bollmann, Max Master Student
Borodatchenkova, Natalia Ph.D. Student
Brehm, Enrico Ph.D. Student
Cardoso, Gabriel PD Dr.  Scientific Manager of the ASC
Carqueville, Nils Dr.  Research Fellow
Castellari, Gabriele Master Student A431
Catillo, Marco Dr.  Research Fellow
Collinucci, Andres Dr.  Research Fellow
Cordonier, Fabrizio Ph.D. Student
Curio, Gottfried Dr.  Senior Researcher
Damgaard, David Ph.D. Student A431
Dietrich, Linus Master Student A431
Dubey, Abhishek Master Student A431
du Bosque, Pascal Ph.D. Student
Erbin, Harold Dr.  Research Fellow
Felsch, Gabor Master Student A431
Ferro, Livia Prof. Dr.  Professor A434
Font, Anamaria Prof. Dr.  Visiting Professor
Fragkos, Pantelis Ph.D. Student A437
Freigang, Julian Ph.D. Student
Gonzalez, Nicolás Ph.D. Student
Gray, James Dr.  Senior Researcher
Gringel, Oliver Master Student
Groot Nibbelink, Stefan Dr.  Senior Researcher
Halter, Sebastian Dr.  Research Fellow
Hansen, Mats Master Student A431
Haßler, Falk Ph.D. Student
Hecht, Michael Ph.D. Student
Herschmann, Daniela Dr.  Research Fellow
Horstmeyer, Leonard Master Student
Isermann, Reinke Dr.  Research Fellow
Jaud, Daniel Ph.D. Student
Junghans, Daniel Dr.  Research Fellow
Kallosh, Renata Prof. Dr.  Humboldt prize winner
Kanning, Nils Dr.  Research Fellow
Kay, Michael Ph.D. Student
Klaus, Carsten Master Student
Koller, Karl Prof. Dr.  Professor (retired)
Kounnas, Costas Prof. Dr.  Humboldt prize winner
Krause, Axel Dr.  Senior Researcher
Krefl, Daniel Ph.D. Student
Kröpsch, Rene Master Student A427
Kurz, Florian Master Student
Kuznetsova, Arina Master Student A427
Larfors, Magdalena Dr.  Research Fellow
Lavdas, Ioannis Dr.  Research Fellow A430
Loukas, Orestis Master Student
Malek, Emanuel Dr.  Research Fellow
Marchesano, Fernando Dr.  Research Fellow
Marchetti, Luca Ph.D. Student A438
Marinkovic, Marina Prof. Dr.  Professor
Martucci, Luca Dr.  Research Fellow
Mas, Arnau Master Student A431
Massai, Stefano Dr.  Research Fellow
Mayer, Ingrid Master Student
Mayrhofer, Christoph Dr.  Research Fellow
Mertens, Adrian Ph.D. Student
Montiel, Flavio Master Student
Nampuri, Suresh Dr.  Research Fellow
Oriti, Daniele Dr.  Heisenberg Group Leader A440
Orta, Andrea Ph.D. Student
Pajer, Enrico Ph.D. Student
Pang, Xiankai Ph.D. Student A438
Parr, Erik Master Student
Patalong, Peter Dr.  Research Fellow
Plauschinn, Erik PD Dr.  Senior Researcher
Plencner, Daniel Ph.D. Student
Reffert, Susanne Ph.D. Student
Rennecke, Felix Dr.  Research Fellow
Richter, Benedikt Ph.D. Student
Rodriguez, Eduardo Dr.  Research Fellow
Rojo, Martin Master Student
Römelsberger, Christian Prof. Dr.  Professor
Rughonauth, Nitin Master Student
Schmidt, Felix Master Student A427
Schmidt-Colinet, Cornelius Dr.  Senior Researcher
Schmidt-Sommerfeld, Maximilian Dr.  Research Fellow
Schulz, Jonathan Ph.D. Student A437
Schulz, Benjamin Ph.D. Student
Soroush, Masoud Dr.  Research Fellow
Stefanov, Nicole Master Student
Syväri, Marc Ph.D. Student A427
Ta, Binh Master Student A431
Tabler, Alexander Ph.D. Student A437
Tartaglia, Michelangelo Master Student A431
Tsimpis, Dimitrios Dr.  Senior Researcher
Vall Camell, Valenti Ph.D. Student
Vaudrevange, Patrick Dr.  Research Fellow
Vogrin, Martin Master Student
Wang, Yili Ph.D. Student A438
Wijnholt, Martijn Dr.  Heisenberg Fellow
Yarom, Amos Dr.  Research Fellow

Former MPI Members

Surname, First name Title Position Room Phone Email
Akerblom, Nikolas Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Alvarez-Garcia, Rafael Master Student
Ammon, Martin Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Andriot, David Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Araujo, Mario Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Arean, Daniel Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Bart, Henk Ph.D. Student
Betz, Andre Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Bonetti, Federico Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Brinkmann, Max Ph.D. Student
Bu, Yan-Yan Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Bykov, Dmitri Dr.  Research Fellow
Cagnacci, Yago Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Caviezel, Claudio Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Corvilain, Pierre Ph.D. Student (MPI)
de Biasio, Davide Ph.D. Student
Demulder, Saskia Dr.  Research Fellow
Deser, Andreas Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Diaz, Victor Ph.D. Student
Erdmenger, Johanna PD Dr.  Senior Researcher (MPI)
Errasti Diez, Veronica Dr.  Research Fellow
Feng, Vic Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Fernandez, Daniel Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Filev, Veselin Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Florakis, Ioannis Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Flory, Mario Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Freigang, Julian Ph.D. Student
Fuchs, Michael Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Gao, Xin Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Garcia Etxebarria, Inaki Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Gnecchi, Alessandra Dr.  Research Fellow
Goldammer, Monika Secretary
Gording, Brage Ph.D. Student
Goulart, Prieslei Master Student (MPI)
Graß, Viviane Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Greiner, Sebastian Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Greubel, Constantin Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Grimm, Thomas Dr.  Research Group Leader (MPI)
Härtl, Daniel Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Held, Johannes Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Helmut, Roschy Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Herwerth, Benedikt Master Student (MPI)
Hohenegger, Stefan Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Höhne, Stefan Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Jurke, Benjamin Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kaminski, Matthias Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kapfer, Andreas Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Keitel, Jan Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kerner, Patrick Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Klaewer, Daniel Ph.D. Student
Knapp, Johanna Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Koerber, Paul Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Körs, Simon Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kupriyanov, Vladislav Dr.  Humboldt Fellow (MPI)
Lin, Shu Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Lüben, Marvin Ph.D. Student
Lüst, Severin Master Student (MPI)
Makridou, Andriana Ph.D. Student
Mamandur Kidambi, Abhiram Master Student (MPI)
Markou, Chrysoula Dr.  Research Fellow
Mazloumi, Pouria Ph.D. Student
Megias-Fernandez, Eugenio Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Mekareeya, Noppadol Research Fellow (MPI)
Mendez, Julio Dr.  Research Fellow
Meyer, Rene Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Monsalve Mercado, Mauro Miguel Master Student (MPI)
Moster, Sebastian Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Müller, Steffen Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Newrzella, Max-Niklas Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Ngo, Hai Thanh Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Nian, Guoen Master Student
O'Bannon, Andy Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Osten, David Ph.D. Student
Palti, Eran Dr.  Research Fellow
Panea, Daniel Master Student
Pang, Da-Wei Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Papagoudis, Georgios Master Student
Pugh, Thomas George Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Puhlfuerst, Georg Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Rahn, Thorsten Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Regalado, Diego Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Rudolph, Felix Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Rust, Felix Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Salgado Rebolledo, Sebastian Ph.D. Student
Savelli, Raffaele Research Fellow (MPI)
Schadow, Riko Master Student
Schlechter, Lorenz Ph.D. Student
Schlotterer, Oliver Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Schmid, Christian Master Student (MPI)
Schmidt, Torsten Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Schmidt-May, Angnis Dr.  Research Group Leader
Sekiguchi, Yuta Master Student (MPI)
Shock, Jonathan Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI)
Shukla, Pramod Research Fellow (MPI)
Sleight, Charlotte Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Steinfurt, Stephan Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Straub, Ann-Kathrin Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Strydom, Migael Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Sun, Rui Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Traube, Matthias Ph.D. Student
Velanzuela, Irene Research Fellow (MPI)
Weigand, Timo Ph.D. Student
Weissenbacher, Matthias Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Witkowski, Piotr Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Wolf, Florian Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Xu, Zhang Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Zagermann, Marco Dr.  Research Group Leader (MPI)
Zeller, Hansjörg Ph.D. Student (MPI)