Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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List of Members

Members of the ASC: +49 (0)89 / 2180 - ....
Members at the MPI: +49 (0)89 / 32354 - ...

Former ASC Members

Surname, First name Title Position Room Phone Email
Alim, Murad Ex-Ph.D. Student
Bakas, Ioannis Prof. Dr.  Visiting Professor 428 4374 mail
Barisch, Susanne Ex-Ph.D. Student 440 4462 mail
Baumgartl, Marco Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow 4115 mail
Böhl, Patrick Ex-Diploma Student
Borodatchenkova, Natalia Ex-Ph.D. Student
Brehm, Enrico Ex-PhD. Student mail
Cardoso, Gabriel PD Dr.  Ex-Scientific Manager of the ASC
Carqueville, Nils Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow 434 4589 mail
Collinucci, Andres Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow 4462 mail
Curio, Gottfried Dr. rer. nat.  Ex-Senior Researcher 432
du Bosque, Pascal Ex-PhD Student 4462 mail
Font, Anamaria Prof.  Visiting Professor 4374 mail
Gray, James Dr.  Ex-Senior Researcher 430 4376 mail
Gringel, Oliver Ex-Diploma Student 437 4142 mail
Groot Nibbelink, Stefan Dr.  Research Assistant 435 4576 mail
Halter, Sebastian Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow 429 4368 mail
Haßler, Falk Dr.  Ex-Ph.D. Student 431 4115 mail
Hecht, Michael Ex-Ph.D. Student
Horstmeyer, Leonard Ex-Master Student 4375 mail
Isermann, Reinke Dr.rer.nat  Ex-Reserach Fellow 4376 mail
Jaud, Daniel Ex-PhD. Student 4147 mail
Junghans, Daniel Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow mail
Kallosh, Renata Prof. Dr.  Humboldt prize winner 439 4644 mail
Kay, Michael Ex-Ph.D. Student 438 4375 mail
Klaus, Carsten Ex-Diploma Student
Koller, Karl Prof. Dr.  Professor (retired) 4380 mail
Kounnas, Costas Prof. Dr.  Humboldt prize winner A428 mail
Krause, Axel Dr.  Ex-Senior Researcher 4374 mail
Krefl, Daniel Ex-Ph.D. Student
Kurz, Florian Ex-Master Student 438 4375 mail
Larfors, Magdalena Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow 4115 mail
Loukas, Orestis Ex-Master Student 4147 mail
Martucci, Luca Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow 4368 mail
Massai, Stefano Dr.  Research Fellow 4378 mail
Mertens, Adrian Ex-Ph.D. Student
Montiel, Flavio Ex-Master Student 4115 mail
Nampuri, Suresh Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow 4524 mail
Orta, Andrea Ex-PhD. Student mail
Pajer, Enrico Ex-Ph.D. Student
Parr, Erik Ex-Master Student 4375 mail
Patalong, Peter Dr. rer. nat.  427 4524 mail
Plencner, Daniel Ex-Ph.D. Student 437 4147 mail
Rennecke, Felix Dr.  Research Fellow 342 mail
Römelsberger, Christian Prof. Dr.  Professor 4222 mail
Rughonauth, Nitin Ex-Master Student
Schmidt, Torsten Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Schmidt-Sommerfeld, Maximilian Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow 434 4589 mail
Soroush, Masoud Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow 4375 mail
Stefanov, Nicole Ex-Master Student 4115 mail
Syväri, Marc Ex-Master Student mail
Tsimpis, Dimitrios Dr.  Ex-Senior Researcher 4376 mail
Vaudrevange, Patrick Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow 4147 mail
Vogrin, Martin Master Student 4375 mail
Wijnholt, Martijn Dr.  Heisenberg Fellow 439 4644 mail
Yarom, Amos Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow

Former MPI Members

Surname, First name Title Position Room Phone Email
Akerblom, Nikolas Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Ammon, Martin Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Andriot, David Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 320 420 mail
Araujo, Mario Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 342 406 mail
Arean, Daniel Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 420 mail
Betz, Andre Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 336 427 mail
Bonetti, Federico Ph.D. Student (MPI) 336 427 mail
Bu, Yan-Yan Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 248 464 mail
Caviezel, Claudio Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Corvilain, Pierre Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 251 mail
Deser, Andreas Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 342 406 mail
Erdmenger, Johanna PD Dr.  Senior Researcher (MPI) A304 mail
Feng, Vic Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 201 mail
Fernandez, Daniel Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 89 mail
Filev, Veselin Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) mail
Florakis, Ioannis Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI) 334 405 mail
Flory, Mario Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 201 mail
Fuchs, Michael Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 293 mail
Gao, Xin Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 248 464 mail
Goulart, Prieslei Ex-Master Student (MPI) 464
Graß, Viviane Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Greiner, Sebastian Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 427 mail
Greubel, Constantin Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 332 233 mail
Grimm, Thomas Dr.  Ex-Research Group Leader (MPI) 532 mail
Härtl, Daniel Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Held, Johannes Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) mail
Helmut, Roschy Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Herwerth, Benedikt Ex-Master Student (MPI) 248 464 mail
Hohenegger, Stefan Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) mail
Höhne, Stefan Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Jurke, Benjamin Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kaminski, Matthias Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Kapfer, Andreas Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 334 427 mail
Keitel, Jan Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 251 mail
Kerner, Patrick Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) mail
Knapp, Johanna Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI)
Koerber, Paul Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI)
Körs, Simon Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Lin, Shu Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) mail
Lüst, Severin Master Student (MPI) 464 mail
Mamandur Kidambi, Abhiram Ex-Master Student (MPI) 89 mail
Megias-Fernandez, Eugenio Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 89 mail
Mekareeya, Noppadol Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 334 405 mail
Meyer, Rene Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Monsalve Mercado, Mauro Miguel Master Student (MPI) 293 mail
Moster, Sebastian Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Müller, Steffen Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 336 427 mail
Ngo, Hai Thanh Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
O'Bannon, Andy Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) mail
Pang, Da-Wei Dr.  Research Fellow (MPI) 312 531 mail
Pugh, Thomas George Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 320 420 mail
Puhlfuerst, Georg Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 305 238 mail
Rahn, Thorsten Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) mail
Regalado, Diego Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 89 mail
Rust, Felix Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Savelli, Raffaele Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 318 321 mail
Schlotterer, Oliver Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI)
Schmid, Christian Ex-Master Student (MPI) 464 mail
Sekiguchi, Yuta Ex-Master Student (MPI) 89 mail
Shock, Jonathan Dr.  Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 312 531 mail
Shukla, Pramod Ex-Research Fellow (MPI) 334 405 mail
Sleight, Charlotte Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 334 405 mail
Steinfurt, Stephan Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 074 293 mail
Strydom, Migael Ph.D. Student (MPI) 074 293 mail
Sun, Rui Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 464 mail
Velanzuela, Irene Ex-Postdoc (MPI) mail
Weissenbacher, Matthias Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 316 201 mail
Witkowski, Piotr Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 464 mail
Xu, Zhang Ex-Ph.D. Student (MPI) 248 464 mail
Zagermann, Marco Dr.  Ex-Emmy Noether Research Group Leader (MPI)
Zeller, Hansjörg Ph.D. Student (MPI) 332 233 mail