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Slides of the Talks ''Frontiers in String Phenomenology''

Overview talks:

Aldazabal: Aspects of Double and Extended Field Theories, stringy geometries and gauged supergravities
Hebecker: Some recent issues in string phenomenology
Hohm: Review of Double and Exceptional Field Theory
McAllister: Frontiers in String Inflation
Weigand: F-theory: Recent progress and future prospects

Research talks:

Andriot: Vacua of β-supergravity
Angelantonj: Progress on Threshold Corrections in N=2 Superstring Vacua
Bakas: An exact model for non-equilibrium phenomena
Berman: Strings and Branes as waves, monopoles and dyons
Danielsson: On dS vacua
D'Appollonio: High-energy string collisions
Di Vecchia: Low-energy theorems for massless vectors and gravitons
Garcia-Etxebarria: Physics of F-theory compactifications without section
Fuchs: Non-associative Deformations of Geometry in Double Field Theory
Grimm: Axions and U(1)s in F-theory
Groot Nibbelink: Non-supersymmetric heterotic model building
Heckman: Relative Entropy and Proximity of Quantum Field Theories
Honecker: Massive Gauge Symmetries and Open/Closed Axion Mixing
Keitel: Abelian F-theory constructions in different codimensions
Kiritsis: Gravity and Axions from a random UV CFT
Larfors: SU(3) structure manifolds and heterotic domain wall solutions
Marchesano: Yukawas in the E8 point of F-theory
Mayrhofer: F-Theory Models with Torsional Mordell-Weil group and Massless Matter via Chow Groups
Plauschinn: Towards new non-geometric backgrounds in string theory
Schellekens: GUTs without guts
Shiu: F-term Axion Monodromy Inflation
Theisen: Comments on dilaton actions