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SFP10: International School on Strings and Fundamental Physics

25.07.2010 – 06.08.2010

The International Summer School on Strings and Fundamental Physics took place in Munich/Garching from July 25 to August 6, 2010. You can find more information at


Bethke Open Questions and Future Perspectives of Particle Physics
[Video] [Slides]
Blumenhagen D-branes and Orientifolds
[Videos 1-3] [Lectures] [Exercises]
Dabholkar Quantum Black Holes
[Videos 1-4] [Lectures+Exercises]
Emparan Introduction to Black Holes in String Theory and in AdS/CFT
[Videos 1-4] [Lectures] [Extra slides] [Exercises]
Erdmenger Introduction to Gauge/Gravity Duality
[Videos 1-3] [Lectures] [Exercises]
Lambert Introduction to String Theory
[Videos 1-6] [Lectures] [Exercises]
Ooguri Topological String Theory
[Videos 1-4] [Lectures] [Takagi-Lectures] [Exercises]
Son Applications of Holography to Strongly Coupled Media
[Videos 1-3] [Lectures] [Exercises]
Zwiebach Doubled Field Theory, T-Duality and Courant Brackets
[Videos 1-3] [Lectures] [Exercises]