Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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What were your reasons to apply to TMP?

  • I have always been fascinated by the beauty of the world we are living in and driven by a desire to understand as much of it as possible. TMP gave me the perfect opportunity to gain deeper insights into the world we are living in and equip me with mathematical tools to be able to fulfill my desire of understanding aspects of it.

  • I always thought that Maths starts to get really interesting when applying it in Physics. So this program sounded extremely promising to me.
  •  During my bachelor’s degree in physics, I was always a bit unsatisfied with the mathematical depth of the courses. I wanted to do a master’s degree where I can specialize in my interests in theoretical physics and where the mathematical part is well integrated in these studies.

  • The wide range of courses in both mathematics and physics and the freedom in organizing the modules during the four semesters got me interested in the program from the very beginning. In the TMP program I found many courses at the boundary between maths and physics that I could not find at the university that I attended for my bachelor's. Moreover, the English-taught courses and the chance to attend German language courses at the beginning of TMP convinced myself to pursue this choice even if I could not speak German.

  • I want to do Mathematics where you can still „see“ the Physics behind it. I want to know that what I do could eventually be used for some applications in „the real world“. One of the greatest advantages of TMP is the freedom you have in choosing courses. Other master programs are usually more restrictive.

  • My university had just changed its physics curriculum, introducing three mandatory high-level theory & experimental classes in the first MSc semester. The outlook of having to spend another semester with overview lectures of other fields, instead of taking classes in the area of theoretical particle physics that I was eager to study, made me looking for alternatives. My favorite Prof. then suggested to take the MSc at the LMU, and once I saw the curriculum of TMP and the variety of classes to choose from, it was clear to me where I wanted to go.

  • I chose the TMP program because in my view, it's the best theoretical physics masters course in Germany! It offers an enormously large variety of courses each semester covering all math and physics branches. Students come from all over the world to get education here. And of course, Munich is a lovely city for students: it has something to offer for anyone!

  • My main goal was to gain deeper knowledge among smart and interesting people.
    When I applied for this program, I was studying in Russia, so, it was a challenge for me to be in a completely new environment and try to adapt to the new education system.

  • During my Physics Bachelor program, I found the theoretical physics lectures and the maths lectures a lot more interesting than the experimental physics lectures. In my Bachelor thesis, I became much interested in the mathematics underlying the physical topic I was working on (spontaneous symmetry breaking in Field Theories, which involves a lot of Lie Group theory). Digging into Lie Group theory increased my curiosity in all the mathematical subjects I felt I had missed so far in my studies. TMP seemed to be the perfect compromise between a physics master and a mathematics master (and I still think it is).