Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Is there something you wish you had known before joining TMP?

  • Not really. Due to the friendly support from the student coordinator and other employees at the universities, the start was very smooth and comfortable and nothing to worry about.

  • It is the best to find accommodation between Garching and Universität if possible, to make the most use of TMP resources.

  • I wish I knew more about the organization of courses and exams, which is very different from my country. Many courses are organized in "lectures"+"tutorials", and many of them require submitting exercise sheets every week. Core modules are way harder than normal modules. Even if they are 9 ECTS worth, the respective workload is way higher than other courses because they have many prerequisites that you might need to catch along the way.

  • No, I think I was well informed. Maybe, that the housing situation is really tough in Munich?