Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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What is your favorite pastime when not studying?

  • I love being outdoors, hiking/cycling/skiing are big passions of mine. Often, I just take my bike and go to a nearby lake to read a book in the sun and meet up with my mates.

  • Playing the Euphonium/Bariton. Especially in a traditional Bavarian group.

  • TMP concerning: Oktoberfest and picnics in Englischer Garten with TMP students.

  • I love playing the guitar and I am an avid reader of novels, whether crime or sci-fi or anything with a good plot.

  • Meeting friends, reading fiction/fantasy, hiking and sailing

  • I spent most of my time sitting and playing cards in Gumbel (common room in Math building - cheapest coffee in the uni) instead of studying.

  • Meeting friends.

  • I have a lot of different interests and hobbies I pursue: I do yoga and meditation almost every day. I am involved a lot in youth work in my protestant parish. I like meeting up with friends, in Englischer Garten, in pubs or for a game night. I have set up a monthly book club with some friends to encourage myself to read more. I am interested in philosophy, and some time ago I started following a philosophy lecture each semester. I am learning Turkish (but I have only made little progress in the last half-year). And I am regularly taking advantage of the very low student prices at Munich's theaters, opera houses and classical concert halls (not during the Covid pandemic of course; but some plays, operas or ballets are streamed online).

  • Going to the gym, playing Beach Volleyball and having a beer with friends.