Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Which of your expectations about TMP turned out to be true?

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  • I was hoping to meet many interesting people from all corners of the world, which turned out to be true since many students come from various countries all over of the world.

  • The very well-structured curriculum and the possibility to learn in great depth about such a broad variety of topics which are related to theoretical physics. What has turned out to be even better than expected, is the supervision and support you receive during your studies from your professors, your mentor, etc.

  • The vibrant and international experience at LMU and TUM turned out to be even better than I imagined! Also, the courses were exactly what I expected: most of them create a bridge between maths and physics and help remove any misconception which is due to the different languages that mathematicians and physicists use.

  • What I like about TMP the most is flexibility. You could choose nearly any course, as long as it's related to math and physics. There are no rules about how many courses you should take each semester, so you could really follow your own path, choosing your own speed. But TMP is not only about studying at university, it's about building a community of young theoretical physicists. The program offers many opportunities to participate in all kinds of seminars, schools, workshops, getting-together events. After graduation, you won't just know math and physics, you'll get priceless connections with great scientists!

  • Awesome lectures and great opportunity to study theoretical particle physics. All lectures I took were interesting, in fact I had trouble to choose which lectures to take.

  • Firstly, I thought that the study for me would be essentially harder than it was during my bachelor degree program. This expectation turned out to be true and now I am doing my best in order to cope. Secondly, I waited for high-quality and well-structured courses. In this sense, it is worthy to say that TPM has even exceeded my expectations and I am very happy about that.

  • I expected the TMP program to allow for a lot of freedom in choosing mathematics and physics lectures. This is certainly true. Besides, I expected to get involved with my fellow students a lot more than it was the case in my Physics Bachelor (that's how l interpreted the label "elite"; elite in the sense of a clique of like-minded and interested students, who support each other). The Covid pandemic made meeting in study groups and leisure activities with fellow students more difficult. Nevertheless, the program coordinator takes very much care of us students and encourages all sorts possible of socializing with fellow students.