Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Which of your expectations about TMP turned out to be wrong?

  • I was afraid that it was going to be a very competitive environment with the other students but thank god this turned out to be wrong. The students I spend my time with are very supportive and a team mentality characterizes our interactions and preparations for exams.

  • I was afraid I would find the classes to difficult, that I would not be good enough, and that all other TMP students would be much smarter than me. Luckily, that turned out to be wrong. Yes, there were students who performed better than me and one or two of the lectures were really challenging for me (*cough* MQM). But I was never alone with these struggles, other TMP students were in similar situations and we helped each other. Plus, the students from the previous year, the tutors and the lecturers were always friendly and helpful.

  • Absolutely, I didn't think there were so many different courses in this program. You can work and develop yourself in a wide variety of fields - from topology and quantum field theory, to neural networks and cryptography. I really like this freedom of choice!
  • I had imagined that there would be more communal activities (perhaps Covid?) I had also thought it would not be as difficult to talk to professors...

  • I was slightly (but not too seriously) worried I might be the only "normal", not ultra-nerdy guy studying TMP. However, my fellow students (especially the ones I have become friends with) are very social, lovely people. I have to observe, though, that the number of female students is lower than in the standard Physics Master.