Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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How would you characterize the group of TMP students?

TMP students behind the institute
  • The students I met are a group of very driven and fascinating people with deep thoughts and lots of very diverse and interesting hobbies. They are very fun-loving people who I love to have deep discussions with and enjoy leisure activities with.
  • Ein „bunter Haufen“. Although TMP sounds already quite specialized you will not find anyone who takes exactly the same classes as you do.

  • Everyone I have met during my studies so far has been a team player and everyone’s always ready to support each other. I believe that due to the fact there are only rather few students in the TMP course the atmosphere is pretty intimate.

  • Curious; international; with varying backgrounds and interests, yet a bit more on the mathematical side than normal physics master students.

  • It is an eclectic group of curious and hard-working people from all over the world. The atmosphere of the group is friendly and very supportive.

  • They are enthusiastic people. You will always spontaneously find someone to have a coffee with or go for a pizza. The board game nights are always a highlight.

  • Honestly, at first I was expecting a group of all-day studying students, who only have time for their lectures and research, without any social life whatsoever. I was badly mistaken. Lecturers and students really value a calm and relaxed studying process, No-one will ever judge you missed a lecture or had a bad mark on an exam. Moreover, lecturers always listen to the students, in terms of how they could improve their lectures. And, last, but not the least, the organization of the whole studying process, starting from application to the graduating, is greatly managed: any problem you'll encounter, there will always be help with it.

  • Fun, open-minded students, a cool international community. We shared the interest in physics, and met for board game or DnD evenings, pub crawls, or in the cozy beer gardens of Munich.

  • The TMP students are an international group of very open and slightly nerdy people. Prepare for Math or Physics jokes and horrible TMPuns…

  • Lovely people with broad interests also besides maths and physics. A lot of my fellow students are international students from all over Europe and the whole world. I enjoy this diversity a lot. TMP students (like any other physics and mathematics students I know) are very supportive. The program is not about fierce competition but about working together, and the students live up to that ideal.