Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archive Winter Semester 2013/2014

23.10.2013 AT 16:15
20.11.2013 AT 16:15

Real Time Imaging of Thermal and Quantum Fluctuations
Professor Denis Bernard, ENS Paris, France

27.11.2013 AT 16:15

The History behind the Brout-Englert-Mechanism and the Standard Model
Professor Lars Brink, Chalmers University Göteborg

03.12.2013 AT 16:15

A candidate for Dark Matter from QCD
Prof. Glennys Farrar, New York University, USA

04.12.2013 AT 16:15
20.12.2013 AT 16:15

The Remarkable Mathematical Structure of Scattering Amplitudes
Professor Marcus Spradlin, Brown University, USA

15.01.2014 AT 16:15

Status of the Electroweak Standard Model
Professor Jens Erler, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

16.01.2014 AT 12:15

Sloppy Models and How Science Works
Professor James P. Sethna, Cornell University, USA

22.01.2014 AT 16:15

Conformal Field Theories, Old and New
Professor Stefan Theisen, AEI Golm

29.01.2014 AT 16:15

Power of Duality symmetries in Physics
Professor Bernard Julia, (ENS Paris)