Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archive Summer Semester 2018

18.04.2018 AT 16:15

Heisenberg-Euler Lagrangian and Discovery of the Magnetic Gluon Condensation
Professor George Savvidy (Demokritos National Research Center, Athens

16.05.2018 AT 16:15

Active cell mechanics
Professor Ulrich Schwarz (Heidelberg University)

20.06.2018 AT 16:15

Black Holes, Quantum Information, and Unification
Professor Raphael Bousso (UC Berkeley)

27.06.2018 AT 14:15

Colloquium cancelled!
Professor David Tong (Cambridge University)

04.07.2018 AT 16:15

The life and death of turbulence
Professor Nigel Goldenfeld (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)