Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archive Summer Semester 2024

17.04.2024 AT 16:15

Lighting up superconductivity
Professor Eugene Demler (ETH Zürich)

24.04.2024 AT 16:15

Advances and Challenges in Solving the Two-Body Problem in General Relativity
Professor Alessandra Buonanno (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), Potsdam)

15.05.2024 AT 16:15

Loop Blow-up Inflation
Professor Michele Cicoli (Bologna University)

05.06.2024 AT 16:15

Applications of Machine Learning and Neural Networks to Quantum Systems
Professor Antoine Georges (Collège de France, Paris and Flatiron Institute, New York)

12.06.2024 AT 16:15
19.06.2024 AT 15:15

Can we tame the electronic Schrödinger equation?
Professor Ali Alavi (MPI for solid state research, Stuttgart)

26.06.2024 AT 16:15

The erasure of topological defects and the saturation phenomenon
Dr. Juan Sebastian Valbuena Bermudez (IFAE Barcelona)

03.07.2024 AT 16:15