Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archive Summer Semester 2019

29.05.2019 AT 16:15

Particle Scattering and Number Theory
Professor Lance Dixon, SLAC, Stanford, USA

12.06.2019 AT 16:15

Strange effects in the neutrino oscillations
Professor Alexei Smirnov, MPIK, Heidelberg

26.06.2019 AT 16:15

Functional renormalization group approach to correlated fermion systems
Professor Walter Metzner, MPI for Solid State Research, Stuttgart

17.07.2019 AT 16:15

Quantum Gravity and the Swampland
Professor Gary Shiu, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

24.07.2019 AT 16:15

When a Symmetry Breaks
Professor Hitoshi Murayama, UC and LBL Berkeley, USA & Kavli IPMU, Tokyo, Japan