Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archive Summer Semester 2010

21.04.2010 AT 10:30
05.05.2010 AT 10:30

The Inverse Ising Problem
Prof. Erik Aurell, KTH Stockholm, Sweden

19.05.2010 AT 10:30

Testing the Dark Energy Paradigm and Beyond
Prof. Ofer Lahav, University College London

26.05.2010 AT 10:30
02.06.2010 AT 10:30

Testing fundamental physics with CMB
Prof. George Efstathiou, Cambridge University, UK

09.06.2010 AT 10:30
23.06.2010 AT 10:30

The Massive Black Hole and Nuclear Star Cluster of the Milky Way
Prof. Reinhard Genzel, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching

30.06.2010 AT 10:30

The Hyperbolic Algebra E10 - Searching for a Fundamental Symmetry of Physics
Prof. Hermann Nicolai, MPI for Gravitational Physics, Golm

07.07.2010 AT 10:30

Anderson Localization: Looking Forward
Prof. Boris Altshuler, Columbia University, USA

14.07.2010 AT 10:30

Listening to the Universe with Gravitational Waves
Prof. Karsten Danzmann, Hanover University