Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archive Winter Semester 2009/2010


Gedanken World without Higgs Fields
Prof. Chris Quigg, Fermilab

04.11.2009 AT 10:30
18.11.2009 AT 10:30

Maximal Supersymmetry, Light-Front Dynamics and Exceptional Symmetries
Prof. Lars Brink, Chalmers University of Technology

25.11.2009 AT 10:30

Nonlinear Luttinger Liquids
Prof. Leonid Glazman, Yale University

02.12.2009 AT 10:30

A simple proof of the Kochen-Specker theorem on the problem of hidden variables
Prof. Norbert Straumann, University of Zurich, Switzerland

20.01.2010 AT 10:30
03.02.2010 AT 10:30

Z' models and the early LHC
Prof. Fabio Zwirner, University of Padova, Italy

10.02.2010 AT 10:30