Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archive Winter Semester 2016/2017

26.10.2016 AT 16:15
02.11.2016 AT 16:15

The Black Hole Information Paradox Revisited
Professor Malcolm Perry, Cambridge University, UK

09.11.2016 AT 16:15
21.12.2016 AT 16:15

Scattering Amplitudes from Geometry
Professor Marcus Spradlin, Brown University, USA

11.01.2017 AT 16:15

Symmetries, Duality, and the Unity of Physics
Professor Nathan Seiberg, IAS Princeton, USA

18.01.2017 AT 16:15

Black Holes: From Astrophysics to the Large Hadron Collider
Professor Xavier Calmet, University of Sussex, United Kingdom

01.02.2017 AT 16:15

The Physics of Active Matter
Professor Julien Tailleur (CNRS-University Paris Diderot, France)