Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archive Summer Semester 2013

15.05.2013 AT 16:15

Contacting the Moon
Professor Urs Frauenfelder, Münster University

29.05.2013 AT 16:15

Anyons (Beyond Bosons and Fermions)
Professor Frank Wilczek, MIT, USA

05.06.2013 AT 16:15
19.06.2013 AT 16:15

Cosmological results from the Planck satellite
Professor Jean-Loup Puget, IAS, Université Paris XI

03.07.2013 AT 16:15

Exact, broken and approximate symmetries
Dr. Anthony Zee, UC Santa Barbara

10.07.2013 AT 16:15
05.08.2013 AT 16:00  -  05.08.2013 AT 17:00
09.07.2014 AT 16:15

Professor Claudio Bunster, Centro de Estudios Cientificos de Santiago (CECS), Chile