Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archive Summer Semester 2009

29.04.2009 AT 10:30

The Black Hole Information Paradox
Prof. Larus Thorlacius, NORDITA

13.05.2009 AT 10:30

Swimming at low Reynolds number
Prof. Julia Yeomans, Oxford

20.05.2009 AT 10:30

Entanglement and the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics
Prof. Andreas Winter, University of Bristol and National University of Singapore

27.05.2009 AT 10:30

Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays
Prof. Glennys Farrar, NYU

10.06.2009 AT 10:45

Quantum Signals: Noise and Amplification
Prof. Steven Girvin, Yale University

17.06.2009 AT 10:30

Fractional Quantum Numbers
Prof. Roman Jackiw, MIT

01.07.2009 AT 10:30
15.07.2009 AT 10:30
23.07.2009 AT 10:30