Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Bachelor Theses


Philipp Kaufmann
̈Uber die analytische Fortsetzung von Greenschen Funktionen in der Vielteilchenphysik
Bachelor Thesis, July 23, 2023 [PDF]


Petar Cubela
Superfluid to Mott insulator transition in the Bose-Hubbard model
Bachelor Thesis, February 2019 [PDF]

Navid Roshani
On exploring the Hubbard Model with Ancilla Spins using Dynamical Mean-Field Methods and the Numerical Renormalization Group
Bachelor Thesis, September 2020 [PDF]


Andreas Tsevas
A Keldysh approach to shot noise in quantum point contacts
Bachelor Thesis, November 2018 [PDF]

Bence Temesi
Phase Diagram of the Multi-Orbital Hubbard Model
Bachelor Thesis, August 2018 [PDF]

Yuhao Zhao
Exact Solutions of Dimer Models on the Triangular Lattice
Bachelor Thesis, July 2018 [PDF]


Julian Christoph Thönniß
Spin-to-Charge Conversion in Helical Systems
Bachelor Thesis, September 2017 [PDF]

Pol Alonso-Cuevillas Ferrer
Influence of the direct exchange interaction on localization in a helical Kondo array
Bachelor Thesis, September 2017 [PDF]

Christian Schmauder
0.7-Analog in Quantenpunktkontakten
Bachelor Thesis, August 2017 [PDF]

Adriano Di Pietro
Spectra of a highly frustrated quantum spin ladder
Bachelor Thesis, August 2017 [PDF]

Marc Ritter
Conductance Simulations of Transport through a Quantum Dot in the Presence of a Sharp Drop in the Hybridization Function
Bachelor Thesis, August 2017 [PDF]

David Maier
Neural Networks and Matrix Product States
Bachelor Thesis, July 2017 [PDF]

Andreas Rank
Tunneln von Elektronen zwischen normalen und helicalen 1D Kabeln mittels eines Quantenpunktes
Bachelor Thesis, July 2017 [PDF]

Florian Stäbler
Aharonov-Bohm effect in helical systems
Bachelor Thesis, June 2017 [PDF]

Johannes Flommersfeld
Numerical optimization using flow equations with applications to spin glasses and artificial neural networks
Bachelor Thesis, May 2017 [PDF]


Andreas Gleis
On using the interleaved Numerical Renormalization Group as an impurity solver for the Dynamical Mean Field Theory
Bachelor Thesis, October 2016 [PDF]

Paul Koschmieder
Spin Liquid Zustände auf einem Dreiecksgitter
Bachelor Thesis, September 2016 [PDF]

Soeren Arlt
Fermi-Liquid Theory of a Quantum Dot
Bachelor Thesis, July 2016 [PDF]


Christophe Pixius
Application of Linear Prediciton on the Chebyshev Expansion of Spectral Functions
Bachelor Thesis, July 2015 [PDF]

Philipp Rosenberger
Application of a Fermi-Liquid Theory for the SIAM on an FRG-Approach for the Description of Quantum Dots
Bachelor Thesis, July 2015 [PDF]

Lorenz Mayer
Broadening of spectral functions in the discretized single impurity Anderson model
Bachelor Thesis, August 2015 [PDF]


Manuel Lindner
Quantum Phase Transition of the Spin-1-Boson Model
Bachelor Thesis, June 2014 [PDF]


Johannes Stolberg-Stolberg
The nature of stochastic transport of non interacting atoms in adiabatically driven optical lattices
Bachelor Thesis, July 2013 [PDF]

Sebastian Stemmer
Transport phenomena in cold Fermi gases
Bachelor Thesis, July 2013 [PDF]

Stefan Wichmann
Transport in a disordered quantum dot connected to one dimensional leads
Bachelor Thesis, December 2013 [PDF]

Thorsten Werner
Phase transition of two dissipative spins
Bachelor Thesis, June 2013 [PDF]


Konstantin Kröniger
The effect of linear and logarithmic discretization on the current through noninteracting quantum dots
Bachelor Thesis, August 2012 [PDF]

Lukas Everding
Calculation of Clebsch-Gordan coefficients via Weyl group symmetry
Bachelor Thesis, August 2012 [PDF]

Florian Schröder
Charge Qubit Coupled to Quantum Telegraph Noise
Bachelor Thesis, July 2012 [PDF]


M. Bauer
Lindblad driving for nonequilibrium steady-state transport for noninteracting quantum impurity models Matthias Bauer München
Bachelor Thesis, September 2011 [PDF]


K. Paul
Graphene - ultra-relativistic massless particles in carbon layers
Bachelor Thesis, April 2008 [PDF]