Theoretical Solid State Physics

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PhD Theses


Johannes Halbinger
Imaginary- and Real-Frequency Correlation Functions in Condensed Matter Physics: General Properties and Applications
Dissertation, March 22, 2024 [PDF]


Jheng-Wei Li
Tensor network methods for low-dimensional quantum systems
Dissertation, August 24, 2022 [PDF]


Elias Walter
Real-frequency dynamics of quantum impurity models studied with fRG, NRG, CFT
Dissertation, December 17, 2021 [PDF]


Lukas Weidinger
Finite-ranged interactions and multiband effects in quantum point contacts
Dissertation, December 15, 2020 [PDF]


Fabian Kugler
Renormalization group approaches to strongly correlated electron systems
Dissertation, October 29, 2019 [PDF]

Dimitri Pimenov
Beyond the Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson paradigm: Analytical studies of non-standard quantum criticality
Dissertation, July 29, 2019 [PDF]

Katharina Stadler
A model study of strong correlations in Hund metals The Numerical Renormalization Group as efficient multi-band impurity solver for Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
Dissertation, January 17, 2019 [PDF]


Dennis Schimmel
Transport through inhomogeneous interacting low-dimensional systems
Dissertation, November 6, 2017 [PDF]

Frauke Schwarz
Nonequilibrium Steady-State Transport in Quantum Impurity Models
Dissertation, October 10, 2017 [PDF]

Benedikt Bruognolo
Tensor network techniques for strongly correlated systems: Simulating the quantum many-body wavefunction in zero, one, and two dimensions
Dissertation, July 6, 2017 [PDF]


Jan Heyder
The 0.7 anomaly in quantum point contacts; a microscopic model for the first conductance step
Dissertation, December 8, 2014 [PDF]

Florian Bauer
Microscopic Origin of the 0.7-Anomaly in Quantum Point Contacts
Dissertation, July 08, 2014 [PDF]

Markus Hanl
Optical and transport properties of quantum impurity models – an NRG study of generic models and real physical systems
Dissertation, June 25, 2014 [PDF]


Oliver Viehmann
Multi-qubit circuit quantum electrodynamics
Dissertation, Juli 17, 2013 [PDF]

Maximilian Treiber
Dephasing in disordered systems at low temperatures
Dissertation, April 25, 2013 [PDF]


Cheng Guo
Using Density Matrix Renormalization Group to Study Open Quantum Systems
Dissertation, October 30, 2012 [PDF]

Alexander Hoffmann
Spatiotemporal formation of the Kondo cloud
Dissertation, March 26, 2012 [PDF]


A. Holzner
DMRG studies of Chebychev-expanded spectral functions and quantum impurity models
PhD Thesis, 2011 [PDF]

Wolfang Münder
Matrix product state calculations for one-dimensional quantum chains and quantum impurity models
Dissertation, August 30, 2011 [PDF]


Michael Möckel
Real-time evolution of quenched quantum systems
PhD-thesis, April 2009 [PDF]

Peter Fritsch
Non-Equilibrium Scaling Analysis of Quantum Dots in the Kondo Regime
Dissertation, März 2009 [PDF]


Benjamin Simon Abel
Macroscopic superposition states and decoherence by quantum telegraph noise
Ph.D. thesis, December 2008 [PDF]

Hamed Saberi
Matrix-product states for strongly correlated systems and quantum information processing
Ph. D. Thesis, December 2008 [PDF]

Theresa Hecht
Numerical Renormalization Group studies of Correlation effects in Phase Coherent Transport through Quantum Dots
Dissertation, May 2008 [PDF]

Ioana Serban
Nonlinearities in the quantum measurement process of superconducting qubits
Dissertation, Mai 2008 [PDF]


Markus Janos Storcz
Decoherence, control, and encoding of coupled solid-state quantum bits
Dissertation, August 2005 [PDF]

Henryk Peter Gregor Gutmann
Description and control of decoherence in quantum bit systems
Ph.D. thesis / Dissertation, June 2005 [PDF]

Corinna Kollath
The adaptive time-dependent density-matrix renormalization-group method: development and applications
Dissertation, Juli 2005 [PDF]

Udo Hartmann
Decoherence and Measurement of Charge Qubits in Double Quantum Dots
Ph.D. thesis / Dissertation, August/November 2005 [PDF]


Robert Dahlke
Numerical calculations for electronic transport through molecular systems
Dissertation, April 2004 [PDF]

Michael Sindel
Numerical Renormalization Group studies of Quantum Impurity Models in the Strong Coupling Limit
Ph.D. thesis / Dissertation, October 2004 [PDF]

Dominique Gobert
Applications of the density-matrix Renormalization group to mesoscopic Phenomena
Dissertation, 2004 [PDF]


Silvia Kleff
Transport theory of ferromagnetic nanograins and Dephasing in qubits with environmental resonances
Dissertation (2003)

Frank K. Wilhelm
Quantum coherence and -control in mesoscopic systems
Habilitation Thesis (2003) [PDF]


Prof. Dr. Jan von Delft
2-Channel Kondo Scaling in Metal Nanoconstrictions — a Conformal Field Theory Calculation of Scaling Function
Dissertation, August, 1995 [PDF]