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ASC Workshop on Fundaments of Gravity

12.04.2010 – 16.04.2010

The Workshop on Fundaments of Gravity will take place at the ASC in Munich, April 12-16. You can find more details on the homepage of the workshop.



  • Antoniadis: Non-linear supersymmetry and brane dynamics  video  pdf
  • Barvinsky: Higgs mass, renormalization group and naturalness in (quantum) cosmology  video  pdf
  • Burgess: Power Counting and Gravity  video  pdf
  • Craps: Holography and cosmological singularities  video (low contrast)  pdf
  • Deffayet: New results about the Vainshtein mechanism of massive gravity  video  pdf
  • de Rham: Reuniting DBI and Galileon  video 
  • Dvali: Large-N Species and String Theory  video 
  • Gabadadze: Auxiliary Extra Dimensions and Massive Gravity  video 
  • Germani: Reviving Higgs Inflation  video 
  • Gomez: String Theory as a Theory of Species  video  pdf
  • Hassan: Brane Induced Gravity Revisited  video  pdf
  • Henneaux: Comments on Horava gravity  video
  • Horava: Quantum Gravity with Anisotropic Scaling  video  pdf
  • Khoury: Symmetron Fields: Screening Long-Range Forces Through Local Symmetry Restoration  video  pdf
  • Kiritsis: Gravity and Cosmology in the Horava-Lifshitz context  video  pdf
  • Kleinschmidt: Arithmetic Quantum Gravity  video  pdf
  • Pujolas: Non-Relativistic Quantum Gravity  video  pdf
  • Schnabl: CS-WZW Correspondence in OSFT  video  pdf
  • Thorlacius: Quantum critical points via gravity  video (low contrast)   pdf
  • Tolley: Symmetries and Inflation  video