Theoretical Nanophysics

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A selection of presentations:

  • A unifying Perspective on the Electron Correlation Problem (2020): slides
  • Influence of the fermionic exchange symmetry on the 1-particle picture (2019): slides
  • Diverging exchange force and form of the exact density matrix functional (2019): slides
  • Introduction into fermionic correlation and applications in quantum chemistry (2018): slides
  • Reconstructing quantum states from single-party information (2018): slides
  • Introduction to generalized Pauli constraints and their applications (2018): slides
  • Universal upper bound on the Bose–Einstein condensate and the Hubbard star (2017): slides
  • Fermionic Exchange Symmetry: Quantifying its Influence beyond Pauli's Exclusion Principle (2016): slides
  • Quantum Marginal Problem and its Physical Relevance (2013): slides
  • Indeterminism and Decoherence in Standard Quantum Theory (2009): slides