Theoretical Nanophysics

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Halimeh Group

Halimeh Group

Our research is comprised of two main pillars: (i) a technological one focusing on the quantum simulation and computing of gauge theories, and (ii) a phenomenological one focusing on exploring and understanding exotic far-from-equilibrium gauge-theory dynamics. Using analytic and numerical tools, we develop methods to stabilize gauge theories on various quantum-simulation platforms, ranging from cold atoms to superconducting qubits. The goal is to propose the next generation of experimentally feasible reliable large-scale quantum simulators of gauge theories in higher spatial dimensions and with non-Abelian gauge groups. The purpose of this endeavor is to then utilize these quantum simulators with experimental colleagues in order to probe the rich physics of far-from-equilibrium gauge-theory dynamics that may not be accessible using classical methods. Conversely, we also employ analytic and numerical techniques to discover, enhance, and classify new exotic far-from-equilibrium gauge-theory dynamics that can be observed in current state-of-the-art quantum-simulation platforms, and that can teach us more about the nature of thermalization (and its avoidance) and far-from-equilibrium criticality in isolated quantum many-body systems.

Our group is funded through the Emmy Noether program of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (

We have several open PhD positions in quantum computing and simulation of gauge theories. The successful candidates will also work with in-house tensor network and exact diagonalization codes, and will actively develop and expand on such codes. The successful candidates are expected to have excellent grades in quantum computing, quantum many-body physics, quantum optics, or similar coursework. We are also constantly looking for Master students. Interested candidates should email Dr. Jad Halimeh with their CV, statement of purpose, and transcripts. People of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and nationalities are encouraged to apply in case they meet the requirements. In case of equal qualifications, people with more underprivileged backgrounds will be given preference. We strongly encourage female applicants.