Theoretical Nanophysics

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submitted / accepted / in press


  • Annabelle Bohrdt, Eugene Demler, Frank Pollmann, Michael Knap, and Fabian Grusdt
    Parton theory of ARPES spectra in anti-ferromagnetic Mott insulators
    preprint: arXiv:2001.05509 (2020)
  • Federico Tonielli, Nilotpal Chakraborty, Fabian Grusdt and Jamir Marino
    Ramsey interferometry of non-Hermitian quantum impurities
    preprint: arXiv:2003.07378 (2020)
  • Lukas Palm, Fabian Grusdt, and Philipp M. Preiss
    Skyrmion Ground States of Rapidly Rotating Few-Fermion Systems
    preprint: arXiv:2005.03172 (2020)
  • Geoffrey Ji, Muqing Xu, Lev Haldar Kendrick, Christie S. Chiu, Justus C. Brüggenjürgen, Daniel Greif, Annabelle Bohrdt, Fabian Grusdt, Eugene Demler, Martin Lebrat, and Markus Greiner
    Dynamical interplay between a single hole and a Hubbard antiferromagnet
    preprint: arXiv:2006.06672 (2020)
  • Szilárd Szalay, Zoltán Zimborás, Mihály Máté, Gergely Barcza, Christian Schilling, Örs Legeza
    Fermionic systems for quantum information people
    preprint arXiv:2006.03087 (2020)
  • Lexin Ding, Sam Mardazad, Sreetama Das, Szilárd Szalay, Ulrich Schollwöck, Zoltán Zimborás, Christian Schilling
    Concept of orbital entanglement and correlation in quantum chemistry
    preprint: (2020)
  • Carlos L. Benavides-Riveros, Jakob Wolff, Miguel A. L. Marques, Christian Schilling
    Reduced Density Matrix Functional Theory for Bosons
    preprint arXiv:2002.06943 (2020)
  • Mihály Máté, Örs Legeza, Rolf Schilling, Mason Yousif, Christian Schilling
    Realizing Bose-Einstein condensation in a Mexican-hat-like potential
    preprint arXiv:2002.09997 (2020)
  • Inés de Vega
    The quantum dynamical map of the spin boson model
    submitted arXiv:2001.04236 (2020)
  • Lexin Ding, Christian Schilling
    Correlation Paradox of the Dissociation Limit: Formal Discussion and Quantitative Resolution based on Quantum Information Theory
    preprint arXiv:2001.04858 (2020)
  • Julian Bibo, Izabella Lovas, Yizhi You, Fabian Grusdt and Frank Pollmann
    Fractional corner charges in a 2D super-lattice Bose-Hubbard model
    submitted arXiv:1911.04149 (2019)
  • C.-M. Chung, U. Schollwöck
    Minimally entangled typical thermal states with auxiliary matrix-product-state bases
    submitted to Phys. Rev. B, arxiv:1910.03329 (2019)
  • M. Qin, C.-M. Chung, H. Shi, E. Vitali, C. Hubig, U. Schollwöck, S. R. White, S. Zhang
    Absence of superconductivity in the pure two-dimensional Hubbard model
    submitted to Phys. Rev. X, arxiv:1910.08931 (2019)
  • Jan Stolpp, Jacek Herbrych, Florian Dorfner, Elbio Dagotto, Fabian Heidrich-Meisner
    Charge-density-wave melting in the one-dimensional Holstein model
    submitted arxiv:1911.01718 (2019)
  • Carlos A. Parra-Murillo, Max Bramberger, Claudius Hubig, Inés de Vega
    Open quantum systems in thermal non-ergodic environments
    submitted arXiv:1910.10496 (2019)
  • T. Barthel, U. Schollwöck and S. Sachdev
    Scaling of the thermal spectral function for quantum critical bosons in one dimension
    submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett. (2012)