Theoretical Nanophysics

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  • Z. Cai, Z. Yan, L. Pollet, J. Lou, X. Wang, and Y. Chen
    Interacting lattice systems with quantum dissipation: a quantum Monte Carlo study
    arXiv:1704.00606 (2017) Accepted for publication in PRB
  • K. Liu, J. Greitemann, and L. Pollet
    Generic first-order nematic-isotropic phase transition of orientational phases with polyhedral symmetries
    arXiv:1706.01811 (2017)
  • F. Kozarski, D. Hügel, and L. Pollet
    Quasi-one-dimensional Hall physics in the Harper-Hofstadter-Mott model
    arXiv:1710.08931 (2017)
  • J. Greitemann and L. Pollet
    Lecture notes on Diagrammatic Monte Carlo for the Fröhlich polaron
    arXiv:1711.03044 (2017)