Theoretical Nanophysics

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Archive 2022

14.01.2022 AT 09:00 

Seminar by Dr. Jeongmin Shim: Thermal and spatial entanglement of multi-channel Kondo cloud
Department of Physics, KAIST, Republic of Korea


10.06.2022 AT 09:00 
01.07.2022 AT 09:00 
08.07.2022 AT 09:00 
29.08.2022 AT 14:00 
31.08.2022 AT 02:00 
06.10.2022 AT 16:30 
21.10.2022 AT 09:00 

Oct 21: Félix Rose (Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics)
The nonperturbative functional renormalization group for classical and bosonic systems: overview and examples

in Room A 450 (start at 9:00 sharp)

28.10.2022 AT 09:00 

28.10.22 Samira Hatoum (MSc talk)
Numerical Solution of the Spin Functional Renormalization Group for the Ising Model

Room A 450

03.11.2022 AT 10:00 
04.11.2022 AT 09:00 
18.11.2022 AT 09:00 

Pedagogic blackboard seminar by Misha Kiselev on Combinatorics of skeleton Feynman diagrams
Professor at The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Italy.

Room A 249

25.11.2022 AT 09:00 

Solving quantum impurity problems with matrix-product states in the temporal domain
Dr. Alessio Lerose, Department of Theoretical Physics University of Geneva

Room A 450

29.11.2022 AT 10:00 

Non-abelian symmetries and non-equilibrium front propagation in the Hubbard model
Prof. Gergely Zaránd Head of the Exotic Quantum Phases "Momentum" & MTA-BME Quantum Dynamics and Correlations Research Group at the Department of Theoretical Physics Faculty of Natural Sciences, BME (Budapest)

B 101, Theresienstr. 39.

15.12.2022 AT 12:45