Statistical and Biological Physics

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LS Frey in Antholz, Südtirol (Oct 2022)

Group Leaders

Name Title Room Phone* Email
Frey, Erwin Prof. Dr. A334 4538
Rulands, Steffen Prof. Dr. A340 4514

Administrative Staff

Name Title Room Phone* Email
Lesperance, Caroline A333 4538

PhD Students and Postdocs

Name Title Room Phone* Email
Angerpointner, Severin M.Sc. A341 4187
Bektas, Onurcan M.Sc. A307 4557
Burkart, Tom M.Sc. A308 4109
Ciarchi, Matteo M.Sc.
Dadunashvili, George Dr. A301 4560
Dang, Yiteng Dr.
Di Terlizzi, Ivan Dr.
Fantauzzi, Alina M.Sc. A308 4109
Gartner, Florian Dr. A309 4548
Hashtroud, Aida M.Sc.
Kappler, Julian Dr. A336 4567
Leung, Ching Yee M.Sc. A307
Lui, Ming Hong M.Sc. A308 4109
Maryshev, Ivan Ph.D. A301 4560
Mayer, Florentine Dipl.-Phys.
Meigel, Felix J. M.Sc. 1C11
Mukhamadiarov, Ruslan Dr. A303 4558
Muramatsu, David M.Sc. A335 4516
Nettuno, Beatrice M.Sc. A335 4516
Raßhofer, Florian M.Sc. A341 4187
Roth, Tobias Alexander M.Sc. A336 4567
Striebel, Moritz M.Sc. A302 4559
Swiderski, Richard M.Sc. A341 4187
Toffenetti, Davide M.Sc. A335 4516
Weyer, Henrik M.Sc. A341 4187
Würthner, Laeschkir Dr. A339 4596
Xia, Xiuyang Dr. A304
Yan, Mingqi M.Sc. A337 4590
Ziepke, Alexander M.Sc. A303 4558

Master Students

Name Title Room Phone* Email
Bauer, Simon B.Sc. A346
Deiringer, Nora B.Sc. A346
de Jong, Pascal B.Sc. A345/A346 4197
Jokiel, Stefan B.Sc. A345/A346 4197
Kaenders, Josef B.Sc. A309 4548
Kalvoda, Lukas B.Sc. A346
Kopold, Paul B.Sc. A345
Korzeb, Paweł B.Sc. A345
Luan, Tangdi B.Sc. A308 5109
Mayer, Lara Maria B.Sc.
Meggyesi, Zsófia B.Sc. A345
Müller, Benedikt B.Sc. A345
Pals, Daniel B.Sc A309 4548
Rittaud, Antoine B.Sc. A309 4548
Rivera Folgado, Alba B.Sc. A309 4548
Schiedel, Julian B.Sc. A309 4618
Stoffel, Jasper B.Sc. A337 4590
Tsevas, Andreas B.Sc. A345
Weigand, Linus B.Sc. A346
Wharam, Katrina B.Sc. A336 4567
Willeke, Jan B.Sc. A346
Winter, Antonia B.Sc. A346
Zimmermann, Jonas B.Sc. A346

Bachelor Students

Name Title Room Phone* Email
Jonas, Märtens

* Prepend +49 (0)89 2180- to all phone numbers.

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