Statistical and Biological Physics

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Nicolas Arlt

Nicolas Arlt, M.Sc.

Former Master Student

Research Interests

  • Stochastic Dynamics of cell migration

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2017: Master Studies in Physics, LMU Munich
  • 2014 – 2017: B. Sc. in Physics, LMU Munich
  • 2012: Abitur


Von der Wense et al., 2019,
The concept of laser-based conversion electron Mössbauer spectroscopy for a precise
energy determination of 229mTh,
[Springer Link]

Seiferle, B., Von der Wense, L., Amersdorffer, I., Arlt, N., Kotulski, B. and Thirolf, P., 2018,
Towards a precise determination of the excitation energy of the Thorium nuclear isomer
using a magnetic bottle spectrometer,