Theoretical Nanophysics

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Scattering of massless particles in one-dimensional chiral channel

Mikhail Pletyukhov (RWTH Aachen)

20.07.2012 at 10:15 

We present a general formalism describing a propagation of an arbitrary multiparticle wave packet in a one-dimensional multimode chiral channel coupled to an ensemble of emitters which are distributed at arbitrary positions. The formalism is based on a direct and exact resummation of diagrammatic series for the multiparticle scattering matrix. It is complimentary to the Bethe Ansatz and to approaches based on equations of motion, and it reveals a simple and transparent structure of scattering states. In particular, we demonstrate how this formalism works on various examples, including scattering of one- and two-photon states off two- and three-level emitters, off an array of emitters as well as scattering of coherent light. We argue that this formalism can be constructively used for study of scattering of an arbitrary initial photonic state off emitters with arbitrary degree of complexity.

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