Theoretical Nanophysics

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The quantum Galileo ramp: entangling many-body bound states with propagative modes

Guillaume Roux (LPTMS Orsay)

13.07.2012 at 10:15 

We investigate the quantum analog of Galileo's experiment on an inclined plane by studying the quantum evolution of a cloud of bosons initially localized on part of a one dimensional optical lattice and suddenly subjected to a linear potential. The main remarkable effects of this setup, realistic for cold atoms, are revealed using analytical and numerical methods. First, only part of the particles are ejected for a high enough ramp, while the others remain self-trapped. Then, the trapped density profile displays rich dynamics with Josephson-like oscillations surrounding a density plateau. This setup, by coupling bound states to propagative modes, creates two diverging condensates for which the entanglement is computed and related to the equilibrium one. Further, we address the role of integrability on the entanglement and the damping and thermalization of simple observables.

A249 Theresienstraße 37