Theoretical Nanophysics

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Simulating Strong System-Environment Interactions

Martin Plenio (Universität Ulm)

06.07.2012 at 10:15 

Multi-component quantum systems in strong interaction with their environment are receiving increasing attention due to their importance in a variety of contexts, ranging from solid state quantum information processing to the quantum dynamics of bio-molecular aggregates. Unfortunately, these systems are difficult to simulate as the system-bath interactions cannot be treated perturbatively and standard approaches are invalid or inefficient. Here we combine the time dependent density matrix renormalization group methods with techniques from the theory of orthogonal polynomials to provide an efficient method for simulating open quantum systems, including spin-boson models and their generalisations to multi-component systems. I will present the method as well as numerical and analytical conclusions drawn from it.

A249 Theresienstraße 37