Theoretical Nanophysics

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Archive 2011

12.05.2011 AT 17:00 

Informal seminar: "Functional Renormalization Group for weakly and strongly correlated electron systems"
Ronny Thomale (Princeton). Please note the unusual time and location!

A 010 Theresienstr. 37

13.05.2011 AT 10:15 

Entanglement Spectra of correlated many-body systems
Ronny Thomale (Princeton)

A 348 Theresienst. 37

20.05.2011 AT 10:15 
25.05.2011 AT 10:00 

Mass-imbalanced atomic mixtures in one- dimensional optical lattices
Tommaso Roscilde, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon

A450 Theresienstr. 37

03.06.2011 AT 10:15 

Iron-pnictides: A brief introduction, effective low- energy models and RPA results
George Martins (Oakland University, USA)

A348 Theresienstr.37

15.06.2011 AT 10:00 

Effective theories for cold atom systems with enhanced symmetry
Dr. Alexei Kolezhuk Institute of Magnetism , National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev

Room A 450 / Theresienstr. 37, IV

17.06.2011 AT 10:15 

Polynomial basis constructions for the spin-boson model
Andreas Alvermann (Greifswald)

A 348 Theresienst. 37

22.06.2011 AT 12:45 

Universal non-equilibrium imaginary time dynamics
Anatoli Polkovnikov

A 010 Theresienstraße 37

28.06.2011 AT 10:00 

Quench Dynamics in Interacting one-dimensional systems
Aditi Mitra (New York University)

A318 Theresienstrasse 37

01.07.2011 AT 10:15 
13.07.2011 AT 10:00 

Computing Entanglement in Quantum Matter
Roger Melko, University of Waterloo

A450 Theresienstr.37

18.07.2011 AT 16:00 

Enhancement of Kondo effect through Rashba spin- orbit interactions: application to graphene
Nancy Sandler, Freie Universität, Berlin

B139 Theresienstrasse 39

19.07.2011 AT 16:00 

Exploring the Kondo effect in magnetic molecules and coupled quantum dots
Sergio E.Ulloa, Freie Universität, Berlin

B139 Theresienstr 39

22.07.2011 AT 10:15 

Designing a symmetry protected molecular device
Adrian Feiguin, University of Wyoming

A348 Theresienstr.37