Theoretical Nanophysics

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Ráckeve: TIDS13 - Transport in Interacting Disordered Systems

Workshop and International Conference

31.08.2009  -  05.09.2009

Tutorials of the workshop:

P. BOUYER: Transport properties and Anderson localisation of coherent matter waves in optical disorder

A. EFROS: Interaction of localized electrons in disordered systems

V. FALKO: tba (e.g.: Theory of graphene)

S. FLACH: Transport and Localization of Waves in Nonlinear Disordered Lattice Systems

A. MOEBIUS: Numerical procedures for Coulomb glass simulations

A. SAVCHENKO: tba (e.g.: Experiments on graphene)


Invited talks of TIDS13:

P. CSERMELY: Transport and signal transduction in cellular networks

J. DELAHAYE: Ageing in insulating granular aluminium thin films

A. EFROS: Negative density of states: Screening, Einstein relation, and negative diffusion

F. JANSSON: Simulation of hopping transport at high electric fields

S. FLACH: Universal Spreading of Wave Packets in Disordered Nonlinear Systems

T. MEIER: Ultrafast generation and dynamics of charge and spin photocurrents in semiconductor nanostructures

M. MUELLER: Purely electronic transport in strongly disordered, but nearly superconducting insulators

B. SHKLOVSKII: Compensation driven superconductor-insulator transition

N. STEPINA: Strong to weak localization transition and two-parameter scaling

G. ZIMANYI: tba (e.g.: Density of States and Critical Behavior of the Coulomb Glass)


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Peter Thomas (Co-Chairman) E-Mail schicken an E-Mail

Ráckeve, Hungary