Statistical and Biological Physics

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Group Leaders

Name Position Room +49 (0)89 2180- Email
Prof. Dr. Erwin Frey Professor (chair) A334 4538

PhD Students and Postdocs

Name Position Room +49 (0)89 2180- Email
Florian Gartner Postdoc A309 4548
Florentine Mayer PhD Student
David Muramatsu Phd student A335 4516
Moritz Striebel Ph.D. Student A302 4559
Laeschkir Würthner PhD student A301 4560
Severin Angerpointner PhD Student A341 4187
Tom Burkart PhD Student A308 4109
George Dadunashvili PostDoc A335 4516
Ching Yee Leung PhD student A307 4557
Ivan Maryshev Postdoc A339 4596
Florian Rasshofer PhD student A341 4187
Richard Swiderski PhD student A341 4187
Henrik Weyer PhD student A341
Alexander Ziepke PhD Student A303 4558

Master Students

Name Position Room +49 (0)89 2180- Email
Simon Bauer Master student A346
Filippo De Luca Master Student A346
Paweł Korzeb Master student A345
Yuhao Liu Intern A345/A346
Christoph Metzl Master student A346
Benedikt Müller Master student A345
Beatrice Nettuno Master student A346
Marius Predel Master student A346
Tobias Alexander Roth Master student A346
Jasper Stoffel Master student A345 4197
Davide Toffenetti Master student A346
Andreas Tsevas Master student A345
Linus Weigand Master student A346
Jan WIlleke Intern A345/A346
Antonia Winter Intern A345/A346
Mingqi Yan Master student A345