Statistical and Biological Physics

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TVI: Soft Matter and Biological Physics (Prof. Erwin Frey)

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Description of the lecture as [pdf]
  • Introduction: polymers and random walks
  • Statistical mechanics of biopolymers
  • Field theories of soft matter systems
  • Nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation
  • Brownian motion: from colloids to strings and membranes
  • Stochastic processes: "it's a noisy world"


  • 4 hours/week, Monday and Thursday, 11:00 (st) - 12:45
  • Sommerfeld room 349, Theresienstr. 37, 3rd floor



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Lecture notes

Introductory and review articles

E. Frey, Physics in Cell Biology: On the physics of Biopolymers and Molecular Motors, ChemPhysChem 3, 270 (2002). [Article]

Material on the web

  • The book by Alberts et al. on Molecular Biology of the Cell is the standard textbook on biological structures and processes at the cellular level. It is partially available online. You may get some useful information using the search box. If you like to have a look at a hard copy it is available in the secretary's office.
  • For the lecture the background information available on Wikipedia is sufficient.


Advanced materials

  • C. Bechinger and E. Frey, Colloids on Patterned Substrates, in Soft Matter Vol. 3, ed. by G. Gompper and M. Schick, Wiley-VCH. [Article]

Sprechstunde Prof. Dr. Frey:

  • Fr 13.30 - 15 Uhr, Raum 335, Theresienstr. 37