Statistical and Biological Physics

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Dr. Johannes Nübler

Dr. Johannes Nübler



Research Projects

  • Chromatin, nucleosome positioning

Curriculum Vitae

  • 1998-2004: Study of physics in Freiburg, Padova (Italy) and Tübingen
  • 2004-2005: Diploma thesis at IRPHE, Marseille (France), nonlinear dynamics
  • 2005-2011: PhD thesis at MPI FKF Stuttgart, department von Klitzing, solid state physics
  • 2011-2012: Postdoc at MPI FKF Stuttgart, department von Klitzing
  • present: Postdoc in Gerland group, LMU


  • J. Nuebler,  B. Friess, V. Umansky, B. Rosenow, M. Heiblum, K. von Klitzing, J. Smet,
    Quantized v=5/2 state in a two-subband quantum Hall system,
    PRL 108, 046804 (2012)
  • J. Nuebler, V. Umansky, R. Morf, M. Heiblum, K. von Klitzing, J. Smet,
    Density dependence of the v=5/2 energy gap: Experiment and theory,
    PRB 81, 035316 (2010)
  • V. Umansky, M. Heiblum, Y. Levinson, J. Smet, J. Nuebler, M. Dolev,
    MBE growth of ultralow disorder 2DEG with mobility exceeding 35x106cm2/Vs,
    J. Cryst. Growth  311, 1658 (2009)
  • M. Leonetti, J. Nuebler, F. Homble
    Parity-Breaking Bifurcation and Global Oscillation in Patterns of Ion Channels,
    PRL 96, 218101 (2006)
  • M. Leonetti, P. Marcq, J. Nuebler
    Cotransport-Induced Instability of Membrane Voltage in Tip-Growing Cells,
    PRL 95, 208105 (2006)