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Heterotic String Compactification with Gauged Linear Sigma Models

Fabian Rühle


In this talk I present how Gauged Linear Sigma Models (GLSMs) can be used for the study of heterotic compactification spaces. It is explained how orbifold singularities can be resolved in the GLSM. As it turns out, these GLSM models have a rich structure with regard to the various geometric and non--geometricnphases they describe. We will study the transition between the Kahler cones describing the different geometries and the resulting topology changes. Innaddition, we discuss the gauge sector of (0,2) GLSMs. In particular, thenrelation between anomalies in the GLSM and in the target space is reviewed and Green-Schwarz anomaly cancellation is discussed. Furthermore, discrete R and non-R symmetries are examined from the GLSM point of view.