Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Sem 1

Sem 2

Sem 3

Sem 4


K: Core modules

2 Core modules [each 9 ]


S: Specialisation modules A-E, F

4 Modules [each 9 ]


G: Supplementary modules

supplementary module G1 [9]


supplementary module G2 [12]

W: Scientific research

Theoretikum [15]

Master thesis [25]


Final exam [5]

ECTS per Semester

approx. 30

approx. 30

approx. 30



The numbers indicate ECTS points.

In the course of the first three semesters, students have to fulfill the follwing minimal requirements:

  • Take two core modules.
  • Take four specialization modules. They are grouped into five areas of specialisation and labelled A-E. We recommend taking modules from more than a single area. Furthermore, modules from area F cover sujects announced before the semester.
  • The supplementary modules cover areas of recent research and are organised in a number of formats (short courses, block courses, guest lectures, schools). They are announced before the semester. During the first year, each students has to take supplementary courses worth in total 9 ECTS points. In addition, during semesters 2 and 3, there is a further obligation to take supplementary courses worth another 12 ECTS points.
  • The theoreticum in the third semester is a small project for which the student joins one of the research groups.
  • In the fourth semester, the student is a member of one of the research groups and writes his Master thesis. There is a final exam on the subjects covered in the Master thesis.