Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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WP28 Complex Geometry (MD3)

This module deals with algebraic curves, Riemannian surfaces, theorem of Abel-Jacobi, projective manifolds, holomorphic and meromorphic sections in holomorphic vector bundles, Kähler geometry, Hodge theory, variations of Hodge structures, period mappings, K3-surfaces and Calabi-Yau manifolds, cohomology of sheaves, deformations of complex structures and moduli spaces of complex and Kähler structures. The main goals of this module are the knowledge of the interplay of complex analytic and geometric structures on a manifold and the relation to algebraic as well as topological aspects, and the knowledge of some classes of examples (e.g. Calabi-Yau-manifolds) which occur in string theory.
  • SS
  • 9ECTS