Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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WP4 Mesoscopic Physics (TA2)

This module covers the following topics: Electrical conductance as scattering problem and conductance quantization, quantum Hall effect, quantum dots as "artificial atoms", tunneling, Coulomb blockade and single electron transistor, disorder effects (random matrix theory and weak localization), shot noise and full counting statistics of electronic transport, dephasing and partially coherent transport, mesoscopic superconductivity (e.g. Josephson arrays and qubits), interacting electrons in one dimension ("Luttinger liquid"), spin effects (e.g. spin-orbit scattering and Kondo effect), relation to quantum optics and the physics of ultracold atoms. This module offers an introduction to one of the central modern areas of theoretical condensed matter physics. The main goal is to acquire a fundamental understanding of how the behavior of electrons in meso- and nanoscopic systems is governed by the interplay of quantum mechanical interference, the Coulomb interaction and fluctuations.
  • SS
  • 9ECTS