Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archiv Winter Semester 2019/2020

16.10.2019 AT 16:15

Emergent Cosmology from Quantum Gravity Condensates
Professor Edward Wilson-Ewing (University New Brunswick)

20.11.2019 AT 16:15

Scaling Down the Laws of Thermodynamics
Professor Christopher Jarzynski, University of Maryland, USA

04.12.2019 AT 16:15
11.12.2019 AT 16:15
18.12.2019 AT 16:15
18.12.2019 AT 16:45
15.01.2020 AT 16:15

Precision at the LHC: why and how
Professor Giulia Zanderighi (MPP Munich)

05.02.2020 AT 16:15

To be cancelled
Prof. Johannes Henn (MPP Munich)