Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Archive Winter Semester 2012/2013

24.10.2012 AT 16:15
07.11.2012 AT 16:15

Structure formation, cosmic averages and cosmic variance
Professor Dominik Schwarz, Bielefeld University

05.12.2012 AT 16:15
12.12.2012 AT 16:15

Nonequilibrium Relaxation and Aging Kinetics
Professor Uwe Täuber, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

16.01.2013 AT 16:15

The Next Ten Years of Dark Energy Research
Professor Luca Amendola, Heidelberg University

30.01.2013 AT 16:15

Lattice QCD in Regensburg
Professor Andreas Schäfer, Regensburg University

06.02.2013 AT 16:15

Out-of-equilibrium phenomena from a new perspective: an Ab-Initio approach
Professor Andrea Marini, CNR, Monterotondo Stazione, Italy

27.02.2013 AT 16:15

Professor Katherine Freese, Michigan University, USA