Statistical and Biological Physics

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Andriy Goychuk

Dr. Andriy Goychuk

Former PhD student

Projects and Research Interests

Broadly interested in applying the methods and tools of theoretical biophysics, statistical mechanics and nonlinear dynamics to biological phenomena involving (among others): biomechanics and biochemistry; cell, tissue and population growth; cell migration; and population dynamics. The projects that I work on include:

  • Single and collective cell migration in soft and rigid environments
  • Computer vision and machine learning for cell detection
  • Mass conserving reaction-diffusion systems in deforming geometries
  • Mechanochemical interactions on the microscale
  • Angiogenesis

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2016: PhD Student in Physics at the LMU
  • 2013—2016: Master Studies in Physics at the LMU. Master Thesis: “Tube Formation of Endothelial Cells — Quantitative analysis of two-dimensional tube formation assays and their numerical simulation on a cell level”
  • 2010—2013: Bachelor Studies in Physics at the LMU. Bachelor Thesis: “Angiogenesis and Vasculogenesis — Development of a Mathematica-toolset for the analysis of experimental videos”
  • 2010: General qualification for university entrance (Abitur). Holbein Gymnasium, Augsburg, Germany