Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Tensor Networks for Many-Body Physics

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jan von Delft

My course on tensor networks has evolved throughout the years, starting in 2017.
Regarding lecture notes and videos, I recommend studying the most recent version, which is likely to be streamlined best.
Regarding tutorials: The tutorials from 2017 to 2021 supply 'ready-made' code, asking students to just fill some gaps and/or make minor additions. This allowed us to cover quite a lot of topics, but we had the impression that students did not learn to focus on details. So, we changed the tutorials starting 2022: these require students to program all codes essentially from scratch, albeit at the cost of covering less topics. The 2017-2021 materials use Matlab. Starting 2022, the tutorial materials are available in two versions, using Matlab or Julia.
If you have any suggestions or need further material, please let us know, via email to: vondelft AT
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