Theoretical Solid State Physics

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We are happy to welcome the following new group memebers:

Julia Brunkert:

I am studying in the TMP program and I just started working on my Master thesis which is supervised by Matthias Punk. For this I am working with dimers on a triangular lattice aiming to understand the magnetic response of bilayer graphene.

Random fun fact about me: I love baking and eating cake - especially chocolate cake.

Santiago Aguirre:

I'm a Master student supervised by Jan von Delft. My thesis will be in the topic of multi-loop functional renormalization group.

Random fact about me:  I used to be the guitar player for a band in Bogota, my hometown.

Nick Zhou

I am a Bachelor Student, supervised by Jan von Delft. The topic of my theses is "Renormalized Perturbation Theory for Anderson Impurity Model"