Theoretical Solid State Physics

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  • Prof. Jan von Delft
    Correlated electron and spin systems. Dynamical and transport properties. Quantum impurity models. Renormalization group methods (NRG, DMRG, FRG). Dynamical mean field theory. Hund metals. Quantum magnets.
    Ph.D. students: Anxiang Ge, Marcel Gievers, Andreas Gleis, Johannes Halbinger, Jheng-Wei Li, Nepomuk Ritz,
    Elias Walter, Marc Ritter
    Master students: Dimitris Saraidaris, Changkai Zhang
  • Dr. Björn Sbierski
    Systems: disordered systems, topological insulators and superconductors, semimetals and Dirac systems, frustrated quantum magnets and spin liquids, cold atom quantum simulators.
    Phenomena: topological physics, quantum transport and Anderson localization, quantum critical behavior and universality.
    Methods: scattering matrix formalism, diagrammatic and functional methods, RG approaches (Wilsonian and functional RG, epsilon expansions).
    MCQST START fellow at LMU (starting fall 2021)
    Master Student: Alejandro Fernández-Concha de la Calzada, Samira Hatoum