Theoretical Solid State Physics

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  • Prof. Jan von Delft
    Phenomena: Correlated electron and spin systems. Dynamical and transport properties. Quantum impurity models. Hund metals. Unconventional superconductors. Quantum magnets. Quantum criticality.
    Methods: Many-body field theory, parquet formalism (FRG), DMFT. Tensor networks (NRG, DMRG, PEPS, XTRG, ...).
    Postdocs: Markus Scheb, Jeongmin Shim
    Ph.D. students: Anxiang Ge, Marcel Gievers, Andreas Gleis, Johannes Halbinger, Sasha Kovalska, Mathias Pelz, Marc Ritter, Nepomuk Ritz, Changkai Zhang
    Master students: Manu Canals, Korbinian Felber, Gün Günal, Ming Huang
  • Dr. Björn Sbierski
    Systems: disordered systems, topological insulators and superconductors, semimetals and Dirac systems, frustrated quantum magnets and spin liquids, cold atom quantum simulators.
    Phenomena: topological physics, quantum transport and Anderson localization, quantum critical behavior and universality.
    Methods: scattering matrix formalism, diagrammatic and functional methods, RG approaches (Wilsonian and functional RG, epsilon expansions).
    MCQST START fellow at LMU
    PhD student: Benedikt Schneider. Master Student:Frederic Bippus