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Quantum gravity, hydrodynamics and emergent cosmology

The Quantum gravity, Hydrodynamics and Emergent Cosmology workshop will take place on the 8th/9th of December 2022.

The workshop is sponsored by the Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology, the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics, and the Center for Advanced Studies.

The venue is:  Akademischer Gesangverein, Ledererstraße 5, 80331 München.

Topics of the workshop 


This workshop is dedicated to four research areas sharing common ground and goals. These are the maint topics that will be presneted and discussed by the respective invited speakers:

  1. Analogue gravity systems and maps between hydrodynamics and cosmology by: Jibril Ben Achour, Salvatore Butera, Tobias Haas

  2. Phase transitions and continuum limit in quantum gravity by: Dario Benedetti, Antonio D.Pereira, Roberto Percacci, Sebastian Steinhaus, Johannes Thürigen

  3. Relational physics in quantum gravity by:  Renata Ferrero, Kristina Giesel, Flaminia Giacomini, Philipp Höhn

  4. Emergent cosmology from quantum gravity by:  Robert Brandenberger, Martin Bojowald, Luca Marchetti, Mairi Sakellariadou

Each session will include ample time for discussions.

Schedule of the workshop


Thursday 08.12

Friday 09.12

Morning session Map between hydrodynamics and cosmology Morning session Relational physics in QG
8:50-9:00 Opening remarks 9:00-9:40 Philipp Hoehn
9:00-9:40 Jibril Ben Achour 9:40-10:20 Kristina Giesel
9:40-10:00 Coffee break 10:20-10:40  Coffee break
10:00-10:40 Salvatore Butera 10:40-11:20 Flaminia Giacomini
10:40-11:20 Tobias Haas 11:20-12:00 Renata Ferrero
11:20-12:10 Global discussion 12:00-12:50 Global discussion
Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
Afternoon session Phase transitions and continuum limit Afternoon session Effective cosmology from QG
13:40-14:20  Roberto Percacci 14:20-15:00  Robert Brandenberger
14:20-15:00  Antonio D.Pereira 15:00-15:40  Mairi Sakellariadou
15:00-:15:20  Coffee break 15:40-16:00 Coffee break
15:20-16:00  Dario Benedetti 16:00-16:40 Martin Bojowald
16:00-16:40 Johannes Thürigen 16:40-17:20 Luca Marchetti
16:40-17:20 Sebastian Steinhaus 17:20-18:20 Genral discussion/Closing remarks
17:20-18:10  Discussion 18:20-18:30 Closing remarks




We encourage people from Munich to come to the talks in-person (at the Akademischer Gesangverein, Ledererstraße 5, 80331 München).

Covid policy: we strongly advise the use of masks at the venue and suggest to self-test before coming to the event every morning.

For people outside of Munich, you will be able to join via Zoom:


Accommodation for speakers

Location of hotel for speakers: Hotel Hauser an der Universität, Schellingstraße 11 80799 München


Workshop schedule