Statistical and Biological Physics

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BioMed-S-Seminar: Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology

This seminar is a collaboration of the following persons and their groups:
  • Prof. Ludwig Fahrmeir (LMU Statistics)
  • Prof. Erwin Frey (LMU Physics)
  • Prof. Ulrich Mansmann (LMU Medicine)
  • Dr. Eduardo Mendoza (LMU Physics and UPD Mathematics)
  • Prof. Wolfgang Stephan (LMU Biology)
  • Prof. Ralf Zimmer (LMU Bioinformatics)
Please read this announcement for further details.

Time and location

  • Tuesdays, 17:30-19:00
  • Seminaraum N110, Altbau der Physik

Upcoming seminars

Date Speaker/Title
17.4.07 Erwin Frey
Stochastic Processes: Tutorial 1
24.4.07 Erwin Frey
Stochastic Processes: Tutorail 2
1.5.07 Eberhard Voit
Stochastic Applications of Canonical Modeling
8.5.07 Jan-Timm Kuhr
Gene Expression as a Stochastic Process: From Gene Number Distributions to Protein Statistics and Back
15.5.07 Ludwig Fahrmeir
Concepts of Bayesian inference and applications to imaging
22.5.07 Rainer Opgen-Rhein
From Correlation to Causation Networks
31.5.07 Christiane Dargatz
Statistical inference for stochastic differential equations
5.6.07 Ulrich Mansmann
Statistics and Graphs: Testing hypotheses on structure
12.6.07 Markus Ruschhaupt
Simulation of positive definite matrices with constrants by using moralised graphs
19.6.07 Manuela Hummel
Gene set testing on the Gene Ontology graph
26.6.07 Wolfgang Stephan
Stochastic Models in Population Genetics: An Overview
3.7.07 Joachim Hermisson
The coalescent process and some of its applications
10.7.07 Peter Pfaffelhuber
On the rate of Muller's ratchet: facts, heuristics, asymptotics
17.7.07 Eduardo Mendoza
Stochastic Process Algebras and Systems Biology

Slides of passed seminars

Please visit the seminar page for available slides of the talks.